To introduce myself, my name is TerriAnn Belle. I am a rare young woman from Chicago with a drive & passion for writing, like many of you. My hobbies (besides writing) are reading tarot, astrology, listening to music and learning something I didn’t know! I highly value self-love, authenticity and expressing your passions. I inspire women & even men of all ages to never be afraid of being unapologetically YOURSELF. It does not matter your age, gender, educational achievement, sexual orientation, hairstyle or socioeconomic status, EVERYONE is capable of following their dreams and achieving the upmost greatness in their lives. We have ALL been through something that’s made us who we are today; a storm, high & lows, adversities and catastrophes. Those experiences build character but DO NOT confine nor define us.

Gratitude. BE YOU. Love YOUrself First.